Putting your Unit Up for Rent

If you cannot use your unit this year, let us rent it for you. Please fill out the Rental Agreement and return it as soon as possible.

Remember, rentals are filled on a “First Come, First Served” basis, and most vacationers make their plans well in advance of their check-in date.Mail in the Agreement or fax it to (941) 383-9656.

Please keep in mind if you rent your unit yourself or allow a friend/family member to use your unit, you will need to inform them a head of time about Resort polices as well as housekeeping procedures. You will also need to provide us with written permission for them to use your unit as well as their name, address, and phone number. Also those of you that own studio units please be aware of our renting policy concerning your unit. As an owner, you personally are allowed 4 people in your unit. However, when renting your unit or allowing others to use your unit there is a two person maximum in a studio.